Climb. Repair. Repeat.

All you need to climb is a good sole.

Red Resole Climbing Shoe Repair

We are rock climbers with the mission of providing a reliable and local shoe re-soling service in order to keep fellow climbers on the rock. Climbing shoes are expensive, and buying a new pair every time the sole wears out can be frustrating. Let us get your favorite, perfectly fitting shoes back on your feet and feeling brand new.

How it Will Work

It will be an easy four step process:
Step 1: Fill out the form in person or on-line.
Step 2: Deliver or Ship us your shoe.
Step 3: We replace the rubber with a new sole of your choice.
Step 4: Pick up or Receive your shoe via mail.

Our team is working diligently to get this service off the ground! We need market research, community support, and are looking for new team members. Please fill out the survey and let us know that you would utilize this service! Subscribe to our mailing list and we will let you know when we are fully functioning!

We also accept old worn out shoe donations. If the shoes are salvageable we would love to give them to beginners and other climbers in need. We also need extra shoes to help train new staff. Even if they are beyond repair, drop your old shoes off with us and we will dispose of them responsibly.